Knockout City Goes Free-to-Play

The promised free-to-play era is now underway in Knockout City, the multiplayer dodgeball game. You can now pick up the Windows edition for free on the Epic Games Store and Steam. The changes are covered in this post, which includes this trailer with a look. Here's a bit:
Gather your friends and come visit Knockout City, where all are welcome to have a brawl. The city has opened its gates for the Super Science Symposium, letting all brawlers experience the latest in dodgeball technology. Check out Boomerang Barrage to see the new ball everyone’s been talking about!

Knockout City is now Free to Play for all!

You’ll be playing Team KO rules against your fellow brawlers with four possible loadout options: Boomerang Ball, Party Boomerang Ball, Any Ball, and Party Any Ball. All four of these options have a chance to put a Boomerang Ball in play! Try them against Basic Balls, or test-throw them against every other Special Ball out there. Just remember the golden rule: when you throw a Boomerang Ball, it’s gonna come back!