Embracer Group Game Archive

Embracer Group announces that besides collecting game developers, it has begun collecting game collections. This is part of the process of creating a "unique games archive" to preserve physical versions of videogames for posterity. The archive in Karlstad, Sweden currently boasts about 50,000 games, consoles, and accessories. There's a staff curating the collection that is in the process of building a database to catalogue them all. Future plans include collaborations with initiatives, museums, and institutions and answering inquiries from researchers and journalists. The long-term goal is to be able to exhibit parts of the archive, both locally and through satellite exhibitions. Here's word:
My name is David Boström and I´m the CEO of the Embracer Games Archive. I have been given the honourable task to lead the work of building up this unique Games Archive. Imagine a place where all physical video games, consoles and accessories are gathered at the same place. And think about how much that could mean for games' culture and enabling video games research. This journey has just been started and we are at an early stage. But already now, we have a large collection to take care of at the Embracer Games Archive’s premises in Karlstad, Sweden. A team of experts has been recruited and will start building the foundation for the archive. At Embracer Games Archive, we believe that games carry a heritage worth celebrating and safeguarding for the future. Our goal is clear – We want to archive and save as much of the video games industry as possible.