Kao the Kangaroo Bounces Out

Tate Multimedia announces that Kao the Kangaroo has hopped onto PC and consoles, offering a return to this 3D platformer after a mere two decade hiatus. The Windows edition is available on the Epic Games Store and Steam. Steam also has a limited-time launch bundle that adds the 2003 re-release of Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2 for an additional $0.07 (seven cents). Here's the Launch Trailer and here's some outside the box thinking:
Gamers picking up Kao - pronounced K-O - will take on his biggest adventure yet, with our favourite kangaroo embarking on a journey to find his missing sister and solve the mystery of just what happened to his long-lost father.

Kao the Kangaroo sees the marvelous marsupial pick up his famous magical boxing gloves and travel the world confronting famous fighting masters who are under the influence of disturbing, dark power.