Waka waka, shhhhh! BANDAI NAMCO now offers PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ as the latest pack of PAC-MAN games from times gone by. This is for PC and consoles, with the Windows edition is available on Steam. The museum places the included games in a virtual arcade, which can be customized. Here's the Launch Trailer and the pitch:
PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ features a customizable in-game arcade where players can unlock custom cabinets, decorative themes, wallpapers, and even a jukebox that plays music to design the PAC-MAN game room of their dreams. They can also earn coins to use in a virtual Gashapon™ vending machine that offers decorations and classic PAC-MAN themed toys. For a limited time, players who purchase PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ within the first 30 days of launch will get a bonus with five silver or gold PAC-MAN figures to decorate their in-game arcade.

For the competitive PAC-MAN player in all of us, PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ offers unlockable missions along with an online leaderboard for each title that ranks game play scores and a range of funs stats such as coins collected, dots eaten, and more.