MY LITTLE PONY: A Maretime Bay Adventure Released

Tweens and bronies rejoice, as MY LITTLE PONY: A Maretime Bay Adventure has galloped onto PC and consoles. The Windows edition is available on Steam. Check out the Launch Trailer for a look, and saddle up for more details:
It's time to celebrate as preparations are in full swing for Equestria's Maretime Bay Day Festival. However, one pony is out to spoil the party! Join the adventurous Sunny, kind Hitch, creative Izzy, courageous Zipp and confident Pipp as they attempt to save the day and put on the best festival ever!

Play as Sunny and use her magic powers to complete tasks and challenges with special unlockable pony skills to fly, jump and skate around the fantastical world of Equestria. Customise Sunny along the way with new clothing and accessories to make sure she looks her best for Maretime Bay's big day!