My Time at Sandrock Released

Your time at Sandrock is at hand, as My Time at Sandrock is now available in Early Access for Windows on Epic Games Store and Steam. The Early Access Launch Trailer takes a look at how the sequel to My Time at Portia is a new sandbox adventure tasking you with revitalizing the arid, desert town of Sandrock. Here's a bit:
Times are tough in Sandrock, a once glorious city-state now struggling for survival against the harsh economic and environmental realities of its desert-bound location. Board a train to Sandrock and step into the role of the town’s newest Builder, capable crafters with a knack for producing all types of public projects, and get to work kickstarting Sandrock’s return to form.

Revitalize Sandrock and its surroundings by taking on work orders to create labor-saving machinery like elevator shafts, build communal buildings and attractions, and help neighbors with various tasks. Learn how to harvest delicious crops by transforming the blistering desert into a culinary hub. Befriend the citizens of Sandrock by engaging in leisurely conversations, tackling relationship-boosting sidequests, and improving community and friendship-related skills. Take a break from rebuilding Sandrock to craft furniture, decorate your workshop, and turn the Builder’s new house into a customized and stylish home.