Dune: Spice Wars Roadmap

Now that Dune: Spice Wars has launched in Early Access on Steam to great success, Funcom and Shiro games offer an Early Access Roadmap. This prophesizes spicy details about navigating to the full launch of the sci-fi strategy game. This shows us to expect multiplayer support and a new faction in a couple of updates this (northern) summer. It also outlines plans beyond then, with timing on all listed as TBA. Here's the big picture:
Having experience developing Early Access titles, we know the value of community feedback and adapting to circumstances, so the features set out in the roadmap are subject to change.

Multiplayer is the current priority. After that, several major features are planned, including an unannounced new faction, and bringing the iconic characters of Dune to life as councillors take to the map as controllable hero units. The Air & Sand Update will dig deeper into the warfare, introducing new units and tactical elements to the mix.