Interstellar Space: Genesis - Evolving Empires Released

Evolving Empires is now available on* and Steam, offering new DLC to evolve Interstellar Space: Genesis, the sci-fi strategy game for Windows. Here's a recent trailer with a look at gameplay. The add-on comes with a patch for the base game as well. Here are the details:
Praxis Games' new expansion pack for Interstellar Space: Genesis, Evolving Empires is launching today! Alongside the expansion's release, players will also be able to update to Interstellar Space: Genesis version 1.4 for free.

Interstellar Space: Genesis - Evolving Empires is the second expansion to the turn-based space 4X strategy game Interstellar Space: Genesis. Adds two major new features to the game, Evolutions and Minor Civilizations. These features provide tons of new content, 7 new leaders and 2 new music tracks!
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