No Man's Sky Leviathan Update

The No Man's Sky Website announces the launch of another free update for No Man's Sky, as Hello Games continues to add to its space game. This introduces a new story-driven expedition called Leviathan that includes a roguelike element through the use of a resetting time loop. This will climax in an encounter with an "ancient space creature" (shades of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home) which you can recruit as an addition to your fleet. Here's a Leviathan Expedition Trailer with a look. The new content is part of a version 3.90 patch with a bunch of other changes as well. Word is there is no plan to back off on the accelerator any time soon:
We hope you enjoy the Leviathan expedition as much as we enjoyed putting it together! Alongside the expedition, today’s update includes a number of improvements and bug fixes, detailed below.

The team is continuing to work on even more features and content for No Man’s Sky, and we will have more news for you soon.

Our journey continues.