City of Gangsters Shadow Government Next Month

Publisher Kasedo Games and developer SomaSim announce that new Shadow Government DLC will arrive on June 15th for City of Gangsters, the simulation of being a crime tycoon. This adds a New York map to the game and allows you to expand your empire into the hotbed of crime that is politics. The DLC will come along with five new outfit packs, allowing you to dress for the crime you want, not the crime you have. Here's more:
With the ability to control city politicians and manipulate laws to your benefit, Shadow Government drastically changes City of Gangsters gameplay from just breaking laws, to directly influencing them on the biggest map yet - New York.

With all new mechanics, finance successful election campaigns with your ill-gotten gains and use your control over large swaths of the city to ensure high turnout of voters who know exactly which ballots to cast. Just make sure you’re backing the right horses in the elections. Because if you lose, your opponents will remember.

Once the local city council members are your puppets, you can pull on their strings to get them to enact – or repeal – various city laws that can help your outfit or hurt your opponents.