Hardspace: Shipbreaker Official Launch

Blackbird Interactive and Focus Entertainment announce the official release of Hardspace: Shipbreaker for Windows on Steam. This follows a lengthy Early Access run for the space salvage simulation, becoming weightless hasn't been wait-less. An Early Access Recap Trailer takes a look at the journey that's led to this point. This segues to the PC Launch Trailer celebrating the release of version 1.0. Here's word:
Experience the daily life of a working-class spaceship salvager in Hardspace: Shipbreaker, a sandbox game with next-gen physics and demolition effects set in an industrial sci-fi future. You’ll need to master scanning, cutting and dismantling a variety of increasingly hazardous spaceships for valuable components and resources to pay off your astronomical credit debt to the LYNX corporation. Death lurks around every bulkhead, but danger is how you earn your paycheck.

In addition to the compelling campaign and casual free-play modes that make up your solo journey as a space worker, you can test your skills in R.A.C.E mode and win timed competitions against other shipbreakers on the leaderboard.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker has grown immensely with multiple updates since its early access release, with three new ship classes as well as ghost ship variants; improved visuals and performance; new equipment, salvage and hazards such as the demo charge and radiation; a full story mode in a three-act campaign; new characters; and the R.A.C.E, a competitive mode with time-limited challenges.