Keplerth Leaves Early Access

Keplerth is another game graduating from Early Access today, and the survival/RPG for Windows has officially launched on Steam. Everything that's new in version 1.0 is detailed in this extensive update. Here's the Official Release Forecast Trailer and here's more:
Keplerth is a classic 2D sandbox RPG set in a hostile alien planet. You can choose to live alone, fight side by side with your friends, or experience the calamity of online multiplayer.

In Keplerth, your fate is in your hands. With randomly generated maps and dungeons, you must survive, build, farm, fight, and explore your way to victory in this open-world adventure!

Keplerth leaves Early Access after 4 years of development. With over 1000 ratings, and 89% positive feedback, the full version of the game will include a clone system, a shelter management system with a shelter facility crafting table added, a monster invasion system where players can create traps and defensive facilities, and armed shelters to against the inhabitants.