Voodoo Detective Released

Voodoo Detective is now available for Windows, macOS, and Linux on Steam, for Windows and macOS on the Epic Games Store, as well as for mobile. This is a point-and-click adventure intended to evoke the classics. The game's hand-drawn 2D art style is on full display in this trailer. Here's more:
Developed by Short Sleeve Studio, Voodoo Detective tells a noir-inspired tale that pays homage to classics like Monkey Island and King’s Quest.

The year is 1934, the place: New Ginen, an island paradise swimming in Voodoo culture, drowning in tourists. Your name is Voodoo Detective, a wise-cracking private investigator with a chip on your shoulder and a hole in your pocket. Your client is Mary Fontule, and when she walks through your door, she brings with her a mystery so profound it threatens to unravel the very fabric of existence!