For the King II Announced

Publisher Curve Games and developer IronOak Games announce For the King II, a sequel to the strategic, RPG, and roguelike elements of the original For the King. This will also allow players to party up with friends, as it is adding four-player co-op to the mix. This will be familiar to many players, since the first game has been a free giveaway on Twitch and not once, but twice on the Epic Games Store. The Announce Trailer provides a look, and the game is already listed on Steam for your researching and wishlisting pleasure. Here's more on why it's good to be the king:
For The King II allows fans to kick off a single-player experience or play cooperatively online with up to 4 players. Offering a whole host of new biomes to explore, a beautiful, updated art style, and a brand-new original soundtrack, players will be transported deep into the wonders of Fahrul, leading them further than ever before into this stunningly imagined land of adventure. From the vast number of character and item combinations to the procedurally generated maps, quests, loot, and events – The world of Fahrul is ever-changing and will constantly keep players on their toes!

With a greater focus on strategic decision making and class, armour and weapon customisation, players will need to pick their battles carefully, arming characters with the skills and gear needed to succeed in this famously unforgiving combat system that rewards planning and foresight.