Touken Ranbu Warriors Released

KOEI TECMO announces the North American launch of Touken Ranbu Warriors for Windows and Switch. This is an anime action game with a plot driven by a talking cat. So, you know, the usual. Here's an explanation of all the elements this combines: "Touken Ranbu Warriors is a collaboration between the ‘spirits of blades’ simulation game Touken Ranbu - ONLINE – by DMM GAMES and NITRO PLUS, and KOEI TECMO’s famed 1 vs. 1,000 WARRIORS series. Touken Ranbu fans can now experience their favorite characters in 3D for the first time as they take on missions against the History Retrograde Army." Here's a Launch Trailer to illustrate the news, and there's a playable demo on Steam. Here's more:
Utilize the powerful abilities and graceful actions of the Touken Danshi, including Hissatsu attacks, which perfectly capture each character’s personality as they elegantly defeat enemies in their path. Two characters can also partner up on the battlefield to unleash electrifying co-operative attacks, and the more certain Touken Danshi fight together, the more their bonds deepen and special conversation events can even take place. The game also features two different control modes: Easy Mode allows simple button commands for those new to the action game genre, while Regular Mode allows for a wider range of actions for fans already accustomed to musou-style controls.

In addition, Touken Ranbu Warriors features the Honmaru – the main base for the Touken Danshi – where players can get a glimpse of the daily life of their favorite characters. Occasionally mini-games will take place between missions. For example: if two Touken Danshi are together in the kitchen, they can work together to create mochi. If the mini-game is cleared, materials or koban can be obtained which can be used to upgrade the Honmaru or the Touken Danshi.