I, the Inquisitor Revealed

An Official Teaser announces development of I, the Inquisitor, an upcoming action/adventure based on the bestselling book series. This reimagines the story of Jesus so that rather than perishing on the cross, he descends as an inquisitor, bent on revenge (what would Arnold do?). Here's the description from the game's Steam Listing:
"I, the Inquisitor'' is a story-driven, dark fantasy adventure game with action elements and difficult moral choices. Based on the bestselling Inquisitor book series by Jacek Piekara, the game takes place in an alternative religious timeline. Once nailed to the cross and near death, Jesus becomes consumed by utter rage. He breaks free and unleashes violent vengeance on all the non-believers. Centuries pass and now an army of zealot Inquisitors brutally enforce the faith in this bloodsoaked Church.