DRAINUS Launches

DRAINUS is now available on Steam, offering an unfortunately-titled, side-scrolling shmup that will take you on a nostalgia trip to bullet hell. The launch took place during this livestream which also celebrated the release of The Use of Life (story below). A first patch is available for DRAINUS to clear up a launch issue. Here's the pitch:
This is a side-scrolling shooting game in which the player takes control of the "Drainus", a ship that can absorb energy bullets, to take down the countless enemy ships zipping through space. Energy absorbed can be used to enhance the ship's functions, such as adding new weapons.

The Planet Halpax is located in the far reaches of space, suffering from the oppressive rule of the Kharlal Empire. One of the slaves residing there is battling an illness. He must return home to the faraway planet of Earth to be cured of the disease, known as "Planetary Compatibility Disorder". His daughter, also a slave, is both devastated by her father's illness and helpless to do anything about it.