LOST EPIC Launches in July

An announcement from publisher One or Eight and developer EARTHWARS at INDIE Live Expo 2022 LOST EPIC will conclude its epic Early Access run on July 28 with its full release on Steam. A new release date trailer offers a look at the 2D soulslike action in this sidescrolling action/RPG. This post describes a new update for the Early Access edition to reward early supporters. Here's a Version 1.3.0 Trailer with a look at that. Word is the official launch will come alongside the game's release on PlayStation. Here's word:
Step into the land of Sanctum as the God Slayer and defend humanity from divine tormentors. Unleash mystical powers alongside stalwart allies, including NPCs and summoning other heroes playing LOST EPIC in the quest to defeat the Pantheon of Six. Engage in fierce 2D combat using weapons and their Divine Skills. Level up deeply-customizable characters through an expansive skill tree. Craft items and enchantments to strike fear into the hearts of the devilish deities.

Available starting today in Steam Early Access, explore the most dangerous world to date: the dark Abyss. Defeat new bosses Cecilia and The Ruling King to obtain the Eyes of God. Use them to peer through the mists to discover previously unseen paths in pre-existing areas and find the final world of LOST EPIC. These mysterious depths host three difficult new foes: the God of Everlasting Darkness, the Twin Gods, and the Ancient God itself.