TOKOYO: The Tower of Perpetuity Climbs Out Next Week

PLAYISM announces TOKOYO: The Tower of Perpetuity will graduate from Early Access on Steam on June 2nd. Version 1.0 will come alongside the release of the game for Switch. Here's a Switch & STEAM Launch Trailer to celebrate the news, and here's more on how this will take this roguelike climbing platformer to the next level:
Lead one of five heroes through their trials and tribulations as they seek escape from a shifting tower constructed from the broken remains of a forgotten world. Learn each playable character’s backstory as they climb, why the structure compelled them to enter it, and what it takes to truly escape from their repeating fate.

Each hero can only protect themselves from the tower’s many foes with screen-clearing magic skills that deal significant damage to enemies for a short time but take up to 30 seconds to recharge. Find items to reduce cooldown times, grant different effects to attacks, and help provide protection. Climb up high enough, and choose to pray to an angel or a devil capable of granting branching paths toward the tower’s apex.