DEADCRAFT is now available for PC and consoles, offering an action/simulation where you take on the inevitable zombie onslaught. The Windows version is on Steam, where there's also a playable demo to sample. The game carries a 10% launch discount for the first week, which increased to 15% for the fancier Deluxe Edition. Here's a Launch Trailer, and here's an explanation of how this puts the crafting in death:
Stare in wild wonder as the half-human, half-zombie protagonist Reid slices through foes on a quest for righteous vengeance! Wield his inhuman zombie powers to fend off enemies while searching the wasteland for answers to what happened to the only man he could trust. Build fantastical new armaments, conjure curious concoctions, or even grow and harvest zombie soldiers to stand by Reid’s side against whatever the apocalypse throws at him. Throughout his adventures Reid will need to take advantage of the strength his zombie side can provide in combat while taking care to maintain what little humanity he has left to stay in the good-graces of the locals...or not, and fully embrace his inner-zombie to shake down the inhabitants. It’s a dangerous world, and in order to stay alive Reid must take full advantage of the dead!