Dolmen Released

Publisher Prime Matter and developer Massive Work Studio have released Dolmen, and this sci-fi action/RPG is now available for PC and consoles. Steam is where to get the Windows edition. The Launch Trailer offers a cinematic look at the game's hostile alien environment, though this is presented as some sort of 3D Ken Burns clip, so the camera is the only thing that really moves. Here's where this hopes to take you:
Dolmen takes place in a sci-fi universe where humanity has colonized several star systems using space travel technology and genetic manipulation. The Revion star system is distant from the main inhabited area of the galaxy, but it drew the attention of Zoan Corp. by emitting different radiation than other systems, suggesting the existence of other universes. Mysteriously, there is only one planet in this distant system: Revion Prime. Dolmen has players battling across Revion Prime while trying to unravel a mystery of an alien species, corrupt corporations, and unknown dimensions.

Behind everything appears to be the Vahani, an alien race that roams the universe altering the genetic makeup of other species. However, it remains to be seen if their motives are noble or more malevolent. It’s suspected that a kind of crystal called Dolmen is the key to their plans, and Revion Prime has an abundance of them, making it essential to unraveling the planet’s mystery.