Free Game: ROG CITADEL XV - SCAR Runner

ASUS announces the release of ROG CITADEL XV - SCAR Runner on Steam, offering a free first-person parkour game for Windows. This is presented as free DLC for ROG CITADEL XV, the free first-person shooter. This includes the opportunity to participate in a competition to win a brand new ROG Strix SCAR 17 SE laptop. For that you need to sign up here. Read on for more on the game:
An expansion of ROG Citadel XV, SCAR Runner follows the story of ‘X’, our mysterious hero engaged in a race against time to recover critical information. A unique blend of high-octane gameplay and real-world puzzle solving, the launch of the game ties in with the shipping of the ROG Strix SCAR 17 SE gaming laptop where resourceful gamers can locate hidden clues embedded on the chassis of the laptop, aiding them in the progression of the game.

Set within the sprawling Goeman City, a thriving metropolis with a criminal underbelly, gamers must traverse this urban landscape to discover what PKD so desperately needs to share with the Republic of Gamers. Players will require razer-sharp reflexes to safely traverse the rooftops and industrial zones of the city before time closes in and disaster prevails. A series of fiendish puzzles await gamers brave enough to discover the truth, holding the true key to reaching PKD before he disappears forever.