Simon the Sorcerer - Origins Announced

Publisher Leonardo Interactive and developer Smallthing Studios announce Simon the Sorcerer - Origins in coming to PC and consoles early next year. This point-and-click adventure will be a prequel to the original Simon the Sorcerer, a pioneering game in the genre from 1993. The Official Announcement Trailer takes a look after lowering expectations by saying it does not represent the expected visual quality of the finished game. The PC edition will come to Steam, and you can head over there and wishlist it right now. Steam offers a March 28, 2023 release date not mentioned in the announcement. Here are some details:
Paving the way for many of the beloved point and click graphic adventures that have been entertaining fans for almost 30 years, Simon the Sorcerer stole the hearts of gamers when it was released on MS DOS and Amiga computers. Applying modern visuals and cutting edge gameplay mechanics to the development of Simon the Sorcerer - Origins will be highly appealing to fans of the original titles as well as engaging a new generation of gamers excited for the current revival of these classic franchises.

Simon the Sorcerer - Origins is the official prequel to the original Simon the Sorcerer game and transports players back to a few weeks before the events of the first episode. The game world is crafted with a modern visual style filled with seamless realtime sequences, magic and puzzle solving tied together with an engrossing storyline that will finally answer some important questions raised by fans from the first game.