Old World on Steam and GOG.com

The Epic Games Store exclusivity period for Old World has ended, and this 4X turn-based strategy game from publisher Hooded Horse and developer Mohawk Games is now also available on GOG.com* and Steam. To celebrate the news, the Heroes of the Aegean DLC is being given away to all players on all platforms for the next two weeks. Here's more on that: "Heroes of the Aegean focuses on the greatest events of Ancient Greece, including the campaigns of Alexander the Great and the epic showdown of Leonidas and his 300 Spartans versus the Persian army in the Battle of Thermopylae. The DLC also adds a brand-new civilization playable in the main game – the Hittites, represented by warrior king Ḫattušili I." The release is accompanied by a new Hittites Faction Trailer and a new Release Day Trailer. Here's word on the game:
Old World is a historical strategy game where you lead your empire through multiple generations, building a grand legacy to last beyond your own years. This is an era of great leaders, from the revered to the feared. Which will you be?

Marry for politics, raise your heirs, and manage your relationship with the families of your kingdom. In the fast and furious world of kings and queens, family matters.
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