EVE Online Launches EVE Anywhere

CCP Game announces the launch of EVE Anywhere for EVE Online Alpha Pilots in the US and parts of Europe. This is a cloud-based service that allows everyone to play the sci-fi MMORPG through a browser. This is said to require a connection speed of 25Mbps or higher for a reliable experience. Word is this program will continue to roll out to additional territories:
EVE Anywhere has been developed in close collaboration with our trusted partner Intel, and allows you to play EVE on the go through Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge - whether you’re on a PC or tablet.

This partnership provides EVE pilots with access to high-capacity computing power - via the cloud - as and when it’s needed. Whether you’re fighting, mining, or building an industrial empire, EVE Anywhere can help you switch seamlessly between client and browser-based play.

Alpha players can enjoy 24 hours of EVE Anywhere in exchange for 30 PLEX. The service will also be rolled out into more territories later on this year, as we work towards our ultimate goal of releasing EVE Anywhere…everywhere!