Roller Champions Next Week

Ubisoft announces everybody will be able to play Roller Champions a week from today as the free-to-play roller derby game will launch on May 25th. For a look at the game there's an Overview Trailer. For more, there's a Dev Stream Video where some very enthusiastic developers talk about their game and another video where they discuss the launch of the game's creator program. Here's more on this multiplayer team sport:
In each match, you and two teammates will face off against another team of three in an elliptical arena. The goal is straightforward – reach five points before your opponents do – and the basics are easy to grasp. Keep control of the ball by skating and passing, steal it from your opponents with a well-timed tackle, and make a full lap of the arena to open up the goal and take your shot. Once you’ve got the fundamentals down, you can level up your game by practicing and socializing in the skatepark hub, and then using your skills in matches to execute team maneuvers and do multiple laps to increase the points each goal is worth. Teamwork, dedication, and daring are your keys to progressing from your scrappy beginnings through bigger stadiums and tougher competition all the way to the Elite Champions’ league.