Interstellar Space: Genesis - Evolving Empires Next Week

Praxis Games announces an official release date for Interstellar Space: Genesis - Evolving Empires, saying the second premium expansion will arrive for the 4X space strategy game on May 25th. This will be available on*, Steam, and other digital storefronts, depending on where you bought the original game (the versions on GOG, Humble and Itch-io are DRM-free). It will also come with a new version 1.4 patch for the base version. The previously released Evolving Empires Trailer takes a look at gameplay, and here's the captain's log:
Evolving Empires brings two major new features into the game: Evolutions and Minor Civilizations. While these features should provide tons of new content on their own, this expansion also includes 7 new leaders and 2 new music tracks! The new Minor Civilizations gameplay feature will be detailed in their next dev diary. In the meantime, you can check their previous dev diaries on the other game-changing feature of this expansion, Evolutions and the Evolution Perks.

Along with the new expansion, Praxis will also release the 1.4 free update to everyone who owns the game alongside the expansion release. This free update adds new leader skills, revamped strike craft 3D models, AI improvements, many QoL improvements, and bug fixes, many of which in response to player feedback.