Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion DLC Released

Flaming Fowl Studios announces that Jaws of the Lion is now available on* and Steam, offering the first DLC for Gloomhaven, the Windows and macOS tactical/RPG. This adds 30 hours of new content, including 25 scenarios from the original Gloomhaven board game, new mercenaries, new enemies, and more. The Launch Trailer lets you look into the jaws of the lion without getting eaten, and the description outlines more of what to expect:
The Jaws of the Lion DLC is the digital adaptation of the eponymous board game and expansion to Gloomhaven, the critically acclaimed grim Tactical RPG. Recruit four new mercenaries with unique gameplay and explore a previously hidden side of the city of Gloomhaven through an arching storyline filled with a plethora of new enemies and bosses.

The new campaign unlocks directly on Gloomhaven’s existing map once the core game’s second scenario is completed.

You can play with the four new mercenaries and items in both the Guildmaster and existing Gloomhaven game modes. Jaws of the Lion can be played Solo or in Co-op mode with up to four players.