MultiVersus Closed Alpha This Week; Open Beta in July

Warner Bros. Games announces open beta testing of MultiVersus will begin in July. This won't be your first chance to check out this upcoming fighting platformer, however, as a Closed Alpha test gets underway on Thursday. Those interested in the Closed Alpha should sign up on the MultiVersus Website. This game will feature the chance to pick from a range of Warner Bros. characters from the S-tier to the D-list. You can see part of this mixed bag in the Official Cinematic Trailer, which includes Batman, Shaggy (Scooby-Doo), Bugs Bunny, and more. Here's more on what happens when you throw all your IP in a blender and hit puree:
The Closed Alpha will feature 15 playable characters including Taz and Velma; seven different maps including the Batcave (DC), Tree Fort (Adventure Time), and Scooby’s Haunted Mansion (Scooby-Doo); and a variety of different ways to experience the game including the 2 vs. 2 team-based cooperative mode, 1 vs. 1 matches, 4-player free-for-all, and The Lab (practice mode).

MultiVersus is an all-new free-to-play, platform fighter that introduces a team-based 2 vs. 2 format combined with an ever-expanding cast of iconic characters, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn (DC); Shaggy and Velma (Scooby-Doo); Bugs Bunny and Tasmanian Devil a.k.a. Taz (Looney Tunes); Arya Stark (Game of Thrones); Tom & Jerry; Jake the Dog and Finn the Human (Adventure Time); Steven Universe and Garnet (Steven Universe); The Iron Giant (The Iron Giant) an extraordinary original creature named Reindog; and many more to come.