Star Citizen Free Fly Next Week

Cloud Imperium Games announces the Invictus Launch Week 2952 event will get underway on May 20th in Star Citizen, giving the chance to see what over a decade of development and hundreds of millions of dollars can buy. The event kicks off on of the free-fly periods for the crowdfunded space game where you can fly a bunch of its ships for free. This page has all the details. Here's a summary:
This year, Stanton’s main Invictus Launch Week celebration is located among the clouds of Crusader - a truly rarified venue that matches this truly spectacular event.

Stay tuned for more details and information as we get closer to launch, and add Invictus to your calendar so you don’t miss the Naval fleet’s triumphant return to the Stanton system.

During the Invictus Launch Week event, Star Citizen will be free to download and play. So both newcomers and veterans can experience the ‘verse and take to the skies in over 100 ships for free.