Out of the Blue

I recently picked up a simple kitchen gadget that makes me very happy. It's a silicone egg ring. Accompanying purchases were English muffins and some beyond breakfast sausage patties for some home Sausage McMuffin knockoffs. A lot of times recreating a fast food recipe at home involves trying to elevate things. If I was trying to make a Big Mac at home I certainly wouldn't be striving for well-done 1/4" thick patties. But in this case being able to reproduce a Sausage McMuffin that tastes exactly right seems like a triumph. My one variant is using slices of a gruyere/cheddar combo that melts beautifully without subjecting anyone to American cheese. This cheese is definitely going to make for some excellent cheeseburgers too. Though in that case if they turn out like authentic McDonalds I'll end up throwing away my grill.

Melted Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

Thanks Acleacius.

Thanks Max.