Farming Simulator 19 Ambassador Edition Next Month

GIANTS Software announces Farming Simulator 19 Ambassador Edition will be released for Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on June 21st. This sounds like an agriculture/diplomacy mash-up, but it's actually a new bundle combining the base game and all its post-release content. So what's with the title? Here's word:
It's an extensive version of Farming Simulator 19, containing both expansions and six DLCs in addition to the main game for a low price, making it the perfect entry to the series. It's also a steal for everyone wanting to own the game and all its content extensions.

That's why we call it the Ambassador Edition - it's basically an envoy for the profession of farming in the form of a packed video game. Hint: it's a perfect gift, if you want to share your love for farming with others.