Stellaris Overlord Launches

Stellaris players, say hello to your new overlord, as the Overlord expansion is now available for the sci-fi strategy game. You can pick this up for Windows, Linux, and macOS on* or Steam. The Release Trailer is here to lord over us with a look at the add-on. There is also a version 3.4 "Cephus" patch for the base game. The Paradox Interactive Forums have the patch notes, which are extensive. There are spoilers involved, but these are hidden by default, so you have no one but yourself to blame for any spoilage. Here's an Overlord overview:
Paradox Interactive, a developer and publisher of games for all star systems, today announced the release of Overlord, a full expansion for Stellaris centered around new empire management features. The new expansion adds a series of new mechanics to Stellaris which grant players unprecedented levels of control over their galactic domains, from powerful new megastructures to deeper interactions with vassal systems.
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