Cantata Early Access

From can to can't! Early Access to Cantata is now underway on Steam, offering a turn-based strategy game for Windows. This features a science fiction setting and a comforting old-school vibe, as seen in the Early Access Trailer. Gameplay is described as character driven, and modification support is baked in from the start, supporting a high degree of customization. Would you like to know more?
Cantata is a character-driven tactical strategy game that puts you in the middle of a spiritual, pragmatic war for survival. Play as a commanding officer from one of three factions - Machines, Humans or Aliens - and leverage your faction’s unique powers and abilities to slowly expand your hold on this alien world.

Each game you'll start with a small base and a couple of units and it is up to you to build up your base, giving you the ability to build more complex unit types. But watch out! Your base is also your supply network. If a crucial building gets destroyed, it may take down your whole supply chain and force you to rebuild to adapt to the new circumstances.