Riftbound Released

Riftbound is now available on Steam, offering a lane-defense strategy game for Windows. Barrel Smash Studios is offering a 10% launch discount for the first week. The Official Launch Trailer shows off gameplay, which is described as "easy to learn yet uniquely deep." Here are some details:
Mastering magic is no small task, especially when a wicked Necromancer returns from an otherworldly prison to threaten all who stand in his way. Guided by the wise Great Oak, a young spellcaster must rise to the occasion and learn to harness their innate magical aptitude to fight back against the Necromancer's skeletal legions and banish the evil forces from the realm.

Amass an army of evolving elemental creatures to stand against enemy forces in strategic, real-time showdowns. Discover an arsenal of over 40 spells, elemental evolutions, and combat combos while battling against fearsome Skeletal Berserkers, shambling Executioners, and rattling Bone Launchers to name a few, before facing off against bosses like a scythe-wielding Reaper.