Galactic Civilizations IV Officially Launches

Galactic Civilizations IV is now officially available from the Stardock Store and the Epic Games Store, following about 10 months of Early access for the 4X space strategy sequel. There's a post about the news on the game's official website which includes a Release Trailer to mark the occasion. Here's the big picture:
Stardock released Galactic Civilizations IV today. The newest installment of the award-winning space 4X strategy sandbox game series takes the best of what its predecessors had to offer and adds new features like multi-sector maps, the ability to customize your civilization mid-game via policies, internal factions, a unique mission/quest system, and so much more.

As the all-powerful leader of a spacefaring civilization, players will seek out new star systems and discover the exciting potential of the subspace realm. With over a dozen starting civilizations to choose from – plus the ability to create unique custom civilizations from scratch - the possibilities for each playthrough are endless, leaving players with a truly unique experience every time they start up a new game.