War in Ukraine Impacts Steam Payments

A tweet from a couple of weeks ago by Stas Shostak, developer of the upcoming Swords And Their Boy discusses problems Valve has encountered trying to send payments to areas affected by the war in Ukraine (thanks PC Gamer). After questioning a bank account deactivation, Stas got the following clarification:
We'd like to follow up on your message from yesterday concerning banking information for future payments to bank accounts in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Sorry to not have more information with the original message.

This past week, our bank notified us that they will begin requiring that we provide intermediary bank information for all wire payments to accounts in Russia and Ukraine. In addition, they will no longer be allowing payments to Belarus.

We are currently working to understand all the new requirements, create a path to collect this information from you and send it to the bank. This will take us some time to complete, but will not be available for the payments to affected accounts due at the end of March.

For now your choice is to wait for us to complete this work, or to change your payment instructions to a bank that sits outside of Ukraine, Russia or Belarus. Rest assured, if there are any outstanding balances on your account they will be paid as soon as they can be sent.

It's a very frustrating situation and we hope to find the resolution soon.