Ghostwire: Tokyo Released

Bethesda Softworks announces the release of Ghostwire: Tokyo, the supernatural action game from Tango Gameworks. This is available for Windows on Steam and is a console exclusive for PlayStation. For some background, the previously released Ghostwire: Tokyo – Prelude Visual Novel is a free release that can catch you up. Reviews for this rolled out earlier this week and the launch is accompanied by an Official Accolades Trailer. Here's a bit more:
In the wake of an otherworldly vanishing, players step into the role of Akito – one of the last few living humans left in the city. Teaming up with KK, a ghostly detective and ally with an agenda of his own, the two of you will have to seek the cause of Tokyo’s vanishing, face off against malevolent beings of myth and urban legend that have seeped into our world and save the city from supernatural chaos.