Activision Blizzard Facing Another Sexism Lawsuit

Another lawsuit has been filed against Activision Blizzard over "rampant sexism" at the company, reports Bloomberg Law (thanks Game Developer). This one is from an individual (listed as Jane Doe), but echoes the allegations in the two other sexual harassment lawsuits currently embroiling the company. Here's an excerpt of its claims:
Doe alleges she was often pressured to drink alcohol, to participate in “cube crawls” where women were subjected to sexual comments and groping, and to stay late after work to participate in a game called “Jackbox,” which Doe says she was told was to determine how well she’d fit in with the group. According to Doe, the game required each individual to suggest “creative answers” to various questions that were mostly sexual in nature.

The complaint alleges Doe started to dress “more conservatively” so she wouldn’t get sexually harassed, and that she tried to distance herself from offsite leadership dinners. She also complained about the excessive drinking and sexual advances made by her supervisors, but was told that “it was just her leadership being nice and trying to be friends with her,” the suit says.

Doe was instructed to keep her concerns to herself because they could be “damaging” to the company, and she began to face a hostile work environment due to her complaints, the suit alleges.

To escape the rampant sexism in the IT department, Doe applied to and was rejected from many other open positions in the company. According to the suit, Doe complained in writing to Blizzard’s then-president Allen J. Brack about the sexual harassment and retaliation. Only after that complaint was she offered a role in a different department, which she accepted despite the lower status and significant salary decrease.