Steam Chrome OS Alpha Nears

The Chromium Website announces the promised testing of Steam on Chrome OS is getting underway. Word is this will be alpha testing, and will roll out to a limited number of participants:
Beginning with Chrome OS 14583.0.0, the Dev channel will include an early, alpha-quality version of Steam on Chrome OS for a small set of recent Chromebooks. If you have one of these Chromebooks (listed below) and decide to give it a try, please send your feedback - we are in active development and want to incorporate as much user input as possible.

What do we mean by alpha?
Alpha means anything can break. Due to the inherent instability of the Dev channel and the in-progress nature of this feature, we don’t recommend trying this on a Chromebook that you rely on for work, school, or other daily activities. You will encounter crashes, performance regressions, and never-before-seen bugs - that’s part of the fun!

Supported Devices
Because many games have high performance demands, we’ve focused our efforts thus far on a set of devices where more games can run well. Currently, Steam can be enabled in the Dev channel on configurations of these Chromebooks with Intel Iris Xe Graphics, 11th Gen Core i5 or i7 processors, and at least 8GB of RAM: