GOG Games Festival

GOG.com announces the GOG Games Festival is now underway, a celebration that includes discounts up to 90% off as well as announcements and game demos. Blue's News is now also a GOG.com affiliate, so purchases there should help support the site. We're still working through the affiliate link process, so please alert us to any problems you encounter. Here's word on the festivities:
Welcome to the GOG Games Festival. It’s the beginning of a blooming Spring, so come on in to discover what’s in store for you! Enjoy more than 4000 shiny gaming deals up to 90% off, and discover what’s in the pipeline of the industrious GOG machine!

Rolling in on the conveyor belts are two big announcements! First, we have A Plague Tale: Requiem, the highly anticipated sequel to the touching adventure game. Next, we await the decadent, mech-filled action-RPG titled Steelrising.

You’ll also find more shiny announcements and exciting demos on their dedicated pages.