Dead Space Early Next Year

The promised livestream for Dead Space went off as planned today, with the team at Motive discussing the audio tech in the upcoming return to the spooky sci-fi series. The hour-long stream is saved here if you missed it. This is also split out into separate clips: The A.L.I.V.E. System - Audio Deep-Dive Part 1, Audio Occlusion - Audio Deep-Dive Part 2, and Weapon Sound Effects Comparison - Audio Deep-Dive Part 3. Besides providing a sounding board for ideas about audio, the session confirms speculation that the game will launch next year. We're promised another informative stream in May:
Second, the team proudly revealed a couple more key timeframes for Dead Space! First, the Motive team announced that the game will be launching in early 2023 and second, there will be another stream in May 2022 focused squarely on the Art Design for the game. Anyone who played Dead Space originally knows how important and iconic these elements are.