EA Leaving Humble

A note from Humble Bundle Support lays out EA and Origin redemption deadlines, saying that "for the moment" Electronic Arts titles are no longer being sold on The Humble Store. You will still have access to any EA games purchased there. But you have to register them by March 18th. There is also a clarification that this only affects Humble Store purchases and not EA games purchased as part of a Humble Bundle or Humble Choice. For those whose Origin and Humble accounts are linked, the service will attempt to automatically redeem your keys for you:
If your Humble account and Origin account are linked, we will automatically attempt to redeem your keys on the linked account on March 17 at 3 p.m. PDT (limitations may apply). You can check your account linking status in your Settings.

However, we highly suggest redeeming your keys manually before March 18th, as we cannot provide any key replacements or refunds after this date has passed, even if our auto-redeem attempt is unsuccessful for your purchase. It is worth noting that EA and Origin products generally fall within our Special Refund Policy, with refunds not typically being available outside of extraordinary circumstances.