Activision/Microsoft Deal Prompts Insider Trading Investigation

The Wall Street Journal reports (may require registration or subscription) that a probe is underway to determine if some stock trades by Barry Diller, Alexander von Furstenberg, and David Geffen were actually insider trading, rather than lucky timing. How could the trio have come by alleged insider details? Well, Barry Diller and Activision CEO Bobby Kotick served for years together on the Coca Cola board, Geffen is a lifelong friend of Diller, and von Furstenberg is Diller's stepson, so it's a pretty tidy setup. Eurogamer has details for those without subscriptions:
On 14th January, the men spent more than $100m on Activision stock options priced at just $40/share, underneath the company's then $63 price. In effect, they were already making a profit.

Four days later, on 18th February, Activision announced it was being bought in a deal worth $95/share. If and when this deal is ratified, the men stand to make more than $100m in profit.