ELEX II Released

ELEX II is now available for Windows on GOG.com and Steam, offering a sequel to Piranha Bytes' sci-fi, open-world action/RPG. The Release Trailer shows off its retro-futuristic vibe, while rocking out to a tune from retro-futuristic punk Billy Idol. Here's the pitch:
Get ready! Starting today, players around the globe can become the hero of Magalan. Science-Fantasy-RPG ELEX II is launching today for PC and consoles, offering a vibrant open world to explore including five major factions each with their own story arc for the players to join and experience. Magalan is full of fantastic creatures, hidden secrets, and fascinating vista - there are no limits for explorers, you can go and visit every place you see in-game. And thanks to Jax’s improved jetpack, exploration just got a lot more interesting. Traveling by jetpack allows you to fly up that old skyscraper or float down like a feather into a deep underground cave without breaking Jax's legs.