Did NVIDIA Pull Off a Cyber Counterattack?

The report on The Telegraph (may require registration or subscription) saying NVIDIA was breached by a cyber attack turns out to be accurate. NVIDIA tells Bloomberg (may require registration or subscription) that this was "relatively minor" and "unconnected to Ukraine." But according to Wccftech, NVIDIA was reportedly also able to turn the tables on the attackers with a breach in return. NVIDIA was allegedly able to use ransomware to encrypt the over 1TB of its own data to render it useless to the original attackers. This report is unconfirmed, and also notes it's also possible the stolen data was backed up before NVIDIA was able to encrypt it:
Vx-underground states that LAPSU$, an extortion group, operating out of South America is claiming responsibility for the cyberwar attack that infiltrated NVIDIA's servers a few days ago. It is claimed that over 1 TB of NVIDIA's proprietary data was exfiltrated however NVIDIA was quick to react and successfully managed to breach the hackers with its own response.

The same group claims that NVIDIA performed a hack back by not only encrypting all of its data that was stolen but by attacking the hackers with ransomware. The ransomware is alleged to be installed on the private machine used by the hackers but they were able to make a backup of the files (which is currently a rumor).