Activision Records Subpoenaed

A report on Kotaku helps us circumvent a hard paywall by relating details from The Wall Street Journal (may require registration or subscription) on investigations into the behavior of Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick. The announcement that Microsoft is acquiring Activision Blizzard was thought by some to be a clean escape from the harassment scandal that's embroiled the company in state and federal lawsuits. But word is investigators continue to investigate in what an Activision rep calls an "extraordinary fishing expedition," which is, of course, how you catch extraordinary fish. Here's word:
The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, whose initial investigation kicked off this entire thing last year, have now “subpoenaed Activision’s directors related to the company’s handling of the workplace issues.” They have also “subpoenaed police departments in the Los Angeles-area for any records they have related to longtime Chief Executive Bobby Kotick and 18 other current and former Activision employees.”

Federally, the Securities and Exchange Commission has also “sent an additional subpoena to Activision as part of an investigation it launched last year into the company’s handling of sexual harassment allegations.” In response, an Activision representative told the WSJ that the subpoenas were an “extraordinary fishing expedition”.

While the earlier requests for information from the SEC were based on recent years, this latest filing reportedly requests “records and communications from a much longer list of current and former executives,”, and dates all the way back to 2016.