Hearts of Iron IV Subscription Plan

Paradox Interactive announces the launch of a new subscription program for Hearts of Iron IV, acknowledging that this is a practical approach to how much the World War II RTS game has expanded since its launch. The Expansion Subscription Trailer explains the news. Here's more on subscriptions, which are offered exclusively to those who own the base game through Steam:
Available only to Hearts of Iron IV owners through Steam, the expansion subscription gives players access to:

  • Five expansion packs: Including the naval themed Man the Guns and the recent Eastern Front focused No Step Back
  • Two Country Packs: Adding new national focuses for Central European and Eastern Mediterranean nations.
  • Sound Packs: Including period music and historical speeches, as well as two song packs from the Swedish metal band, Sabaton.
  • Cosmetic Packs: Special cosmetic skins for Allied and Axis Armor, new ship models and planes of the Eastern Front.All upcoming expansions and content

This subscription is available now on Steam for the suggested monthly retail price of $4.99/£3.99/€4.99.