Out of the Blue

I was very dubious about Xfinity as a provider after moving, but things have gone pretty well so far (knock wood). In fact, I got a present from them this morning, as I was informed that my download speed was bumped by 50% to 300 Mbps and my upload speed is doubled to 10 Mbps in a free upgrade. Ever the nerd, I am quite pleased about this, even though I know the difference will rarely be evident. But I think those of use who lived through accessing the internet using dial-up and modems will always be extra obsessed with high-speed access. I don't think someone who grew up with broadband can ever appreciate that. Sort of the way my grandparents were obsessed with stocking canned food after living through the depression. But you know, just a trifle less dramatic.

Obituary: King Crimson and Foreigner Co-Founder Ian McDonald Dead at 75.

Dramatic Round-up
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