Steam Sale Schedule

A Steam News update for developers has details on updates to Valve's policies. Starting at the end of March, the cooldown period between sales will go down to 28 days, after formerly being six weeks. According to Rock Paper Shotgun this also included a schedule of sales for the first half of this year. It may have been removed, as we don't see it, so we've borrowed this from RPS:

  • Next Fest: February 21-28
  • Remote Play Together (co-op games): February 28 - March 7
  • JRPG: March 14-21
  • SimFest - Hobby Edition (For "games that make hard work into fun".): March 28 - April 4
  • Die-a-lot (Roguelikes, roguelites, Metroidvanias, etc. Name subject to change): May 2-9
  • Racing: May 23-30
  • Next Fest: June, 2022
  • Summer Sale: June 23 - July 7
  • Survival: July 18-25